Western Wilderland

POPULATION EFFECTS: Establishing 'Western Wilderland' in the nearby lands of the Elves or Dwarves reflects the ruler settling Men in the province. This is a one-way process which brings population growth and allows Mannish - and only Mannish - troops to be recruited here.

GEOGRAPHY: This region covers both the Vales of the Anduin and the central parts of the Greenwood as well as Parth Celebrant. The vales are fertile and teeming with game, though the Beornings do not eat meat.

HISTORY: In the latter part of the Third Age, the Beornings guarded the High Pass over the Misty Mountains as well as the crossings at the Old Ford. In the Fourth Age, they and the Woodmen of the forest, were granted all the lands of the Anduin Vales as well as the strip of forested land between the eaves of the Greenwood and the Eastern Bight. Today the Woodmen and Beornings are largely one people, or considered so, and simply referred to as the latter.

INHABITANTS: The Beornings are Northmen and no friends to Men of Darkness or their ways, and they especially hate Orcs. Their allegiance runs to the Beorning Chiefdom, though the origin of the Beornings is by no means clear.

Establishing the nearby lands of the Elves or Dwarves as part of the Western Wilderland region reflects the ruler settling Men in the province, displacing folk of other races who may remain or simply building new homes in the abandoned lands. This one-way process brings population growth, and changes recruitment options.

FEATURES: Here stands the Carrock, upthrust amid the strong waters of the Anduin.

SETTLEMENTS: Grimhold, Thrimfeld, Holt, Langwyke, Framsburg, Oldford, Andlang, and Feorfeld. Caras Galadhon, Amon Lanc, Emyn-duir, the Elvenking's Halls, Erebor, Gunduthorin, Orodengrin, and the Dwarrowdelf will all also be considered part of this region if the Elven or Dwarven populations thereof are removed.

FORTS: High Pass Stronghold, Gladden Hold, and Grey Mountains Hold.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Grimhold, Thrimfeld ("town of the edge"), Holt ("woodland"), Langwyke ("long farmstead"), Andlang ("beside"), Feorfeld ("far field"), the Stronghold of the High Pass, Gladden Hold, and the Grey Mountains Hold have been added for the purpose of gameplay. They do not appear in the works of Tolkien. Oldford is merely a contraction of Old Ford and made a town rather than just a crossing. There is no statement that the Beornings and Woodmen ever became one people, or that the Men of Dale ever held Framsburg; however, there is some evidence that men who lived west of Dale did become part of Dale throughout its recent history. Orodengrin ("mount iron") has been added for gameplay purposes, and Emyn-duir ("Dark Mountains") is named after the original name of the high forested hills in the Wood of Greenleaves, known as Emyn-nu-Fuin whilst the Forest existed as Mirkwood, which no doubt had their original title restored to them when the Shadow was lifted.