GEOGRAPHY: The region of Umbar is a fertile and populous area on the western coast of Harad. Many ports bring it rich trade.

HISTORY: Long under the rule of the Reunited Kingdom during the Fourth Age, Umbar has recently fallen back into the hands of the Empire of Harad.

INHABITANTS: The people of Umbar are chiefly cityfolk, holding themselves perhaps a little aloof from other Haradrian peoples. They follow the Ways of Darkness but are also receptive to the tenets of the Shadow Cult. Their loyalty runs to the Empire.

FEATURES: Many ports and fortresses dot Umbar's coastline, but the greatest of them is the cityport of Umbar, the City of Corsairs; a city that cannot be equalled by any other in all Harad. This is one of the traditional bases for the Corsairs of Umbar and their dread black-sailed ships.

SETTLEMENTS: Caras Nann, Habad, Annumbar, and Umbar City.

FORTS: Harumbar Fortress, Pînumbar Fortress and Haerumbar Fortress.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Caras Nann ("city of wide grassland"), Habad ("shore"), Annumbar ("long Umbar"), as well as the fortresses of Harumbar ("south Umbar"), Pînumbar ("small Umbar"), and Castumbar ("headland of Umbar") have been added for gameplay purposes and do not appear in the writings of Tolkien.