Glossary of Terms used in The Dominion of Men

Acumen - A character's ability to manage; also representative of their intelligence. Called management in vanilla.

Alignment - There are three alignments (comparable to vanilla religions): Ways of the West, Ways of Darkness, and Ways of the Shadow Cult.

Authority - Called influence in vanilla. It also reflects a family member's standing in terms of his succession to the throne. For the faction leader, Authority impacts his subjects' opinion of his rule and their willingness to support him as effective governors and Captains.

Barbarian - of or relating to the Easterlings, Men of Khand, or Dunlendings.

Beornings - Northmen of the Upper Vales of Anduin.

Bullroaring - in-game description of the "hard" difficulty setting.

Camp - a temporary base for an army on the map. It is taken down the turn after the army abandons it. Called "forts" in the original game.

Captain - a member of the ruling family or high-ranking military leader of a faction. Called "generals" in the original game.

Chief City - the main population centre of a faction or a faction's subculture. Capturing these cities can bring additional benefits and represents a conquest of that faction or a subculture thereof. Losing them can bring economic and public-order issues across the lands that chief city administers. Chief Cities also allow hired mercenaries to be replenished.

Decidedly Tookish - in-game description of the "medium" difficulty setting.

DoM - The Dominion of Men, the name of the final version of the FATW series of mods, inclusive of all previous modules.

Dúnedain - the people who make up the bulk of the inhabitants of the Reunited Kingdom, the Kingdom of Adûnabâr, and also a fair portion of those who dwell within the environs of the City-kingdom of Tharbad.

Dúnedanic - of or relating to the Dúnedain.

Dunlendings - inhabitants of Dunland, a barbarian people.

Easterlings - inhabitants of Rhûn, a barbarian people.

Elvellyn - Men who follow the ways of Elves, and seek to bring peace by ensuring an Elven overlord rules Middle-earth.

Emissary - diplomat.

FATW - The Fourth Age: Total War. The parent name of the modular releases of the mod.

Fiefdom - a province considered friendly or of a similar culture to a faction.

Fort - a stronghold that cannot be upgraded and where development is not possible or extremely limited. Units cannot be recruited here. Forts generally act as outposts or guard passes, valleys, bridges, etc.

Free Peoples (or Free Folk) - those races and kingdoms not under the influence of the Shadow Cult; namely, the Reunited Kingdom, Dale, Rohan, Dorwinion, Rhovanion, the Beornings, Tharbad, the Shire, the Elves, and Dwarves.

Haradrian - of or relating to the Haradrim.

Haradrim - Inhabitants of Harad, also called Southrons.

Herumor - A powerful sorcerer and Black Númenórean. In the Third Age he was known as the Mouth of Sauron. He is the mind behind and master of the Shadow Cult.

Hirelings - Name applied to those Mannish mercenary units recruitable by the Dwarves so as to distinguish them from the mercenaries able to be hired by all factions.

Home in Time for Tea - in-game description of the "easy" difficulty setting.

Homeland - a province considered to be in the heartland of a faction and the area from whence the faction's main stock of population originate.

Laughing at Live Dragons - in-game description of the "very hard" difficulty setting.

Lieutenant - a leader of an army that has no Captain. Called "captains" in the original game.

Lore - The mod is faithful to the lore of Tolkien's world, but artistic license has been necessary in the naming of some settlements and forts. Where this has been the case they have been listed in the "Developers' Note" of Regional Lore buildings.

Maintenance - the cost incurred by buildings (building maintenance) and by the entirety of a faction's lands (empire maintenance) for their day-to-day running. See "Features" for more details.

Men of Darkness - those Mannish factions that subscribe to the ways of Darkness, having traditionally allied themselves with the dark powers of Arda. Chief among these are the Easterlings, Haradrim, Men of Khand, and Dunlendings.

Men of the West - those Mannish factions that subscribe to the ways of the West, having traditionally allied themselves with the powers of light. Chief among these are the Dúnedain, Rohirrim and Men of Dale.

Middle-earth - Tolkien's subcreated world. The Dominion of Men has a campaign map defined by the limits of the maps found in The Lord of the Rings (i.e. "The West of Middle-earth").

Module - FATW was released in a series of stages called modules. These were, in order of release, individually called Corsair Invasion, Forth Eorlingas, The New Shadow and the full version, The Dominion of Men. Several variants were also released such as Wars of Men, a Rome: Total War 1.5 version of The New Shadow called Fourth Age: Total War for Rome: Total War, and a fun version called Rome in Middle-earth:The Lost Legion. All of the former modules and variants are superseded by The Dominion of Men.

Noble - a character, either acting as a general or governor, serving under the Faction Leader and Heir.

Northmen - those of the Kingdoms of Dale, Rohan, Dorwinion, and Rhovanion and of the Beorning Chiefdom.

Outland - a province considered unfriendly to a faction.

Petty Province - provinces that hold forts rather than settlements. These provinces are generally small and cannot be developed.

Policy - one of up to four options that a Mannish player may choose that open up different aspects of a settlement's development. The policies available are military, financial, administrative, and open. See "Features" for more details.

Province - one of around 170 distinct areas of the map, each of which has either a settlement or a fort.

Recruitable General - a Captain, complete with a unique bodyguard, recruited in the same way as a unit. The unit acts as a bodyguard unit with the ability to replenish and grow according to the attributes of the Captain leading it. The unit is disbanded if the Captain dies.

Region - one of 23 areas into which the map of Middle-earth has been divided.

Regional Lore - a building that provides information about a Region of Middle-earth.

Rogues - assassins.

Rohirrim - the people of Rohan. Also called Horse-lords, Eorlingas, and Sons of Eorl.

Scouts - spies.

Settlement - a town or city where upgrades and developments can be carried out, and where units can be recruited.

Settlement Specialisation - a means to diversify Mannish cities, including those populated by Dwarven Hirelings and the Elvellyn, wherein a certain specific activity can be focused upon that allows varying benefits from city to city. See "Features" for more details.

Shadow Cult - a cult that arose in eastern Gondor after the death of Elessar, having its beginnings with a figure named Herumor. It was instrumental in the division of Adûnabâr away from the Reunited Kingdom, the revolt of Umbar, and the worsening relations between the Reunited Kingdom and Rohan. It now has a large hold over those who rule the Kingdom of Adûnabâr, where the Cult has its base and Herumor acts as counsellor to the King.

Variags - the Northmen-looking inhabitants of Khand who make up a part of the people of that Chiefdom.

Village - a landmark model on the map indicating a settlement from the official maps unable to be otherwise represented, or as a general representation of populous areas.

Ways of Darkness - those beliefs and practices that are followed by the Men of Rhûn, Dunland, Khand, Harad, and Harondor.

Ways of the West - those beliefs and practices that are followed by the Reunited Kingdom, Rohan, Dorwinion, Rhovanion, Dale, the Beornings, the Shire, and also by the Elves and Dwarves.

Ways of the Shadow Cult - those beliefs and practices that are followed by adherents to the Shadow Cult of Herumor. Though chiefly found in the Kingdom of Adûnabâr, these ways are also subscribed to, or supported, by some Men of Darkness.

Wildmen - Men who inhabit the wild forests and scrub of Rhovanion.

Woodmen - Northmen and inhabitants in and around the Greenwood.

For faction names, campaign features and map regions, please see the respective top-menu items.