Southeast Mordor

GEOGRAPHY: This region encompasses the more fertile and populated parts of Mordor. The fertile Nurn and Lithlad plains can be found here, as well as the more easterly and northerly reaches of Mordor. In the centre of the region the great Sea of Nurnen lies. The area is well protected by mountains on all but its eastern side.

HISTORY: After the War of the Ring, Aragorn gave this area back to the former slaves of Sauron who once tilled it for Mordor's armies. In time, the land around the Sea of Nurnen flourished with farms and fields of crops.

INHABITANTS: The people here generally observe the traditions of the Dúnedain, but thanks to settlers from Khand and Rhûn, barbaric ways of the East are becoming more common as well.


SETTLEMENTS: Seregon, Mûlsad, Lond-nurnen, Mordúath, Athrad-morn, and Amrûn Megor.

FORTS: None.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Seregon ("stonecrop"), Mûlsad ("slave area"), Lond-nurnen ("haven of Nurnen"), Mordúath ("dark shadow"), Athrad-morn ("black crossing"), and Amrûn Megor ("east sharp-pointed") have all been added for gameplay purposes and make no appearance in the writings of Tolkien.