GEOGRAPHY: The region of Rohan stretches over all the grassy plains of the land once known as Calenardhon. Bounded in the north by the Limlight, Rohan stretches east to the East Wall, the western cliffs of the Emyn Muil, and the Fenmarch. To the south its domains end in the White Mountains, and to the west its boundary lies at the Isen and the Adorn. The great treeless Wold sits in the north of Rohan and, to the northwest of the region, stands Fangorn Forest which the Rohirrim call the Entwood. Rohan is a fertile land of many villages and many horses.

HISTORY: The Ride of Eorl is well known in Middle-earth. Coming to the aid of Gondor in dire need, Eorl and his people were granted the lands now known as Rohan.

INHABITANTS: The loyalty of the Rohirrim runs to the Kingdom of Rohan. They are of good Northmen stock and strong proponents of the Ways of the West. The province of Isenmarch however is inhabited chiefly by people of Dunlendish stock, and their allegiance may be more to the barbaric Chiefdom of Dunland than to the King of the Mark.

FEATURES: In these green lands sits the Hornburg in the far reaches of the Westfold, and the Hold of Dunharrow further south. In the King's Lands sits Edoras upon its hill, with golden Meduseld adorning it and Barrowfield - the royal barrows - at its gate. To the northwest lies the Forest of Fangorn, but none tread the floor of that place save the foolhardy.

SETTLEMENTS: Edoras, Helm's Deep, Entwade, Aldburg, Easthold, Woldburg, and Dunfreca.

FORTS: Hold of Dunharrow.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Easthold, Woldburg ("fortress or town of the Wold"), and Dunfreca ("fort of Freca") have been added for the purpose of gameplay and do not exist in the writings of Tolkien. In addition, Entwade is the name of the crossings, and not a settlement, in the lore of Middle-earth. Fangorn is not accessible.