GEOGRAPHY: This region comprises the lands settled by the Easterlings. The lands are of average fertility, a mixture of scrublands, plains, and scattered forests.

HISTORY: After the War of the Ring, the Easterlings were driven back beyond the Sea of Rhûn, but later, as the Reunited Kingdom waned and eventually split, the Men of the East crept back into the land and even invaded Rhovanion. They were defeated again by the combined forces of the Reunited Kingdom and Rohan, and the Northmen of Rhovanion rose against the Easterling invaders to establish their own kingdom. The Chiefdom of Rhûn remains the strongest power in the region to this day, though in the north a new collection of tribes has established its own rule as the Chiefdom of North Rhûn.

INHABITANTS: The indigenous Easterling people of this region are barbaric and have no love of the Men of the West or their allies; they are all loyal to the Chiefdom of Rhûn or the Chiefdom of North Rhûn. They are followers of the Ways of Darkness, but also susceptible to Cultic conversion.


SETTLEMENTS: Adel, Thôrdram, Amrûndôr, Thâm, Iaur Helcar, Fornhûd, Garth, Gwaithring, Erebost, Gaurgaul, Raichost, and Fennas-rim.

FORTS: None.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Adel ("behind, in the rear of"), Thôrdram ("sweeping blow"), Amrûndôr ("dwelling place of the east"), Thâm ("hall"), Iaur Helcar ("ancient Helcar"), Fornhûd ("north assembly"), Garth ("fort"), Gwaithring ("cold wilderness"), Erebost ("lonely city"), Gaurgaul ("wolf howl"), Raichost ("city of wains"), and Fennas-rim ("doorway lake") have all been added for gameplay purposes and do not appear in the writings of Tolkien.