Recommended Mods for the Rome Total War Series

Members of the Fourth Age Team have worked on - and been the creators of - several mods; all innovative, of top quality and stability. We would like to recommend those mods here, as well as a few others we think deserve a mention for their level of excellence.

Mods Created by Members of the Fourth Age

Viking Invasion II - A mod set in the British Isles during the Viking Age. It is an attempt to reproduce the old Medieval: Total War - Viking Invasion game on the Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion engine. It also has an add-on called Dominion of Britannia, that enhances historical accuracy and expands gameplay.

Norman Invasion - A mod set in Britain that portrays the Norman Invasion of AD 1066 with a focus on historical accuracy and innovation of features.

Gods & Fighting Men - A tight but unique mod set in ancient mythic Ireland where the player takes control of Lugh of the Long Arm and the De Danann as they seek to overcome their Fomor oppressors led by Balor of the Evil Eye.

The Multi-Mod Sampler - A small download that allows the original Rome: Total War to be played with selections of units from 9 of the top mods in the form of mercenaries. Also allows more factions to be played than the original game.

Mods Assisted by Members of the Fourth Age

300 Warlords of Sparta - A mod based around the stand of the 300 Spartans against the forces of Xerxes and the subsequent conflict with Greece. Very much designed with concepts and imagery from the recent movie.

Sicilia - Rome, Carthage and the Greeks war over Sicily in the third century BC. This is a tight, focused mini-campaign that will not take weeks to complete.

Fall of Rome - This mod is simple and yet refreshing. It seeks to essentially recreate the Barbarian Invasion add-on the way it should have been made!

Europa Barbarorum - This labour of love, one of the few mods that predates the Fourth Age, aims to portray the ultimate in historical accuracy. In this it has no equal.

Rome: Total Realism - An attempt to make the original Rome: Total War more realistic, though not so heavy in historical detail or scripting as Europa Barbarorum.

Other Mods We Recommend

End of Days I - An original dark-fantasy mod.

End of Days II: Lycan Rising - The sequel to End of Days I.

Napoleonic: Total War II - A battlemap mod based on the Napoleonic era.

Arthurian: Total War - Set in the British Isles shortly after the departure of the Roman legions.

Chivalry: Total War - Set in Europe not long after the conquest of Britain by the Normans. One of the first mods to have its own custom battlemap buildings.

The Last Kingdom - Set in the British Isles and western edge of Europe during the 9th/10th centuries.

To find out more about these mods, as well as many others for the entire Total War series, please visit the TWCenter.Net Wiki