Principality of Far Harad

DIFFICULTY FACTOR: Laughing at Live Dragons

CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Haradrian (desertfolk)

CHIEF CITIES: Athancaras

Though a distant region of the southern lands lacking in fertility, Far Harad is home to the large black-skinned warriors much sought after by the Empire. Ever outside the Empire's reach, however, Far Harad has grown stronger of late, and is certain to come into conflict with the great power ruling in Umbar. The people of the Principality of Far Harad are Haradrian in culture. This land never came under the sway of the Reunited Kingdom or her allies, and so has ever remained hostile to the Free Peoples.

STRENGTHS: Men of Far Harad units.

WEAKNESSES: Small number of provinces at game start. Weak infrastructure. Poor armour. Poor morale. Unable to build engines of war.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: The Principality of Far Harad will need to either head west into Harad proper or north toward the lands of Khand. Either way will be difficult, but there will be less cultural resistance heading west – and perhaps the Empire will be too concerned with defending is northern borders and western coast to pay too much attention to the Principality's movements.