Old Dwarven Lands

GEOGRAPHY: These are the mountainous regions of the north, including the region north of the Grey Mountains and the northern part of the Misty Mountains. Though of little use otherwise, the lands north of the Grey Mountains do provide a corridor between east and west for those who wish to avoid the Greenwood and the Misty Mountains.

HISTORY: After the Fall of Sauron and the campaign of the Dwarves to reclaim their long-lost halls, many of the Orcs fled here to complement those already in residence.

INHABITANTS: Orcs largely dwell hidden in their maggot holes and caverns in these once-Dwarven holds. They are of course foes to the Dwarves, Elves, and Men of the West, as well as any decent folk.



FORTS: Fortress of Gundabad, Mithrin Outpost, and Tharngarth Hold.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Mithrin ("grey") Outpost and Tharngarth ("withered, bounded place") Hold have been added for gameplay purposes and make no appearance in the writings of Tolkien.