Northwest Mordor

GEOGRAPHY: The bowl-like, mountain-fenced Udûn and the plateau of Gorgoroth make up this region. In northwest Mordor they lie, blackened by Orodruin's fume of old and scarred by what happened there at the ending of the Third Age. Do not expect good farming in this region.

HISTORY: When Mordor fell back into the hands of the Reunited Kingdom after the Fall of Sauron, much of its evil was cleansed and in time it became a somewhat habitable place again, though more so in the region south of Gorgoroth. Old cities and strongholds were rebuilt and, in many cases, renamed. Later Mordor became the base of operations for the Kingdom of Adûnabâr.

INHABITANTS: The alignment of the indigenous people of northwest Mordor is strongly Cultic. Their allegiance is to the Kingdom of Adûnabâr.

FEATURES: On the plateau of Gorgoroth sits Mount Doom, still fuming now and again but dormant since the end of the Third Age.

SETTLEMENTS: Barad-eden.

FORTS: Castle of Durthang, Stronghold of Cirith Gorgor, and Tower of Cirith Dúath.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Barad-eden ("new tower") has been added for gameplay purposes and makes no appearance in the writings of Tolkien, though is built where once stood Barad-dûr until its fall at the overthrow of Sauron. The Stronghold of Cirith Gorgor ("haunted pass") represents the old fortifications once known as the Tower of the Teeth, and the Tower of Cirith Dúath is the renovated Tower of Cirith Ungol except named now after the mountains (the Ephel Dúath or Mountains of Shadow) rather than referring to a being or race (Ungol, spiders) that no longer exist.