Near Harad

GEOGRAPHY: Near Harad is an extensive region, stretching from the borders of Harondor in the north to the deserts bordering Far Harad in the south. It consists mainly of savannah plains and tropical forests, where the rare Mûmakil roam, with some desert areas in its more southerly provinces.

HISTORY: Near Harad's vast population, by and large, has never been united under a single dynasty. Rather, it has historically been a mosaic of various kingdoms and principalities, though the rulers from the neighbouring region of Umbar have always been swift to impose their rule among these warring groups when given the opportunity. At the beginning of the Fourth Age Near Harad was ruled by masters from the Reunited Kingdom, but later, after the Fall of Umbar to the Empire, its masters became Haradrim again. In the year FO 356 the Empire of Harad held sway in the lands of Near Harad.

INHABITANTS: The indigenous plainsfolk population follow Haradrian traditions and the Ways of Darkness. They are strong proponents of the Empire of Harad and hostile to the Men of the West. The Cult also holds some sway among these Haradrim.


SETTLEMENTS: Achas Annabon, Ûr, Caranbad, Caras Agar, Athandad, and Parchereb.

FORTS: None.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Achas Annabon ("elephant dread"), Ûr ("wide"), Caranbad ("red road"), Caras Agar ("city of blood"), Parchereb ("dry lonely"), and Athandad ("beyond down") have all been added for gameplay purposes and do not appear in the writings of Tolkien.