Dwarven Kingdom

DIFFICULTY FACTOR: Laughing at Live Dragons


CHIEF CITIES: Erebor, Dwarrowdelf

The stout and hardy Dwarves of Middle-earth, though not great in number, have expanded their dominion in the Fourth Age to include their ancestral halls in Moria. Dwarven communities also exist in Erebor, the Iron Hills, the Blue Mountains in the west and the Ered Rhûn in the east. Though once in possession of the Glittering Caves in the White Mountains, that colony was abandoned with the departure of Gimli and the reconquest of Moria. Although withdrawn now to their dolven halls, the Dwarves will not suffer their mountain homes to be trespassed upon and may even take the battle to their foe if angered. The Dwarves stubbornly follow the Ways of the West.

STRENGTHS: Strong warriors. Excellent morale. Excellent armour. Powerful engines of war. Able to recruit mercenary Hirelings. Well-built and well-protected walls. Start with Dwarven Hoards that may be sold to significantly boost their treasuries. Do not suffer from revolts and can survive loss of all family members.

WEAKNESSES: No mounted troops. Very low population growth. Unable to recruit Dwarves outside of homelands. Unable to move as fast as other factions upon the battlefield. Very difficult to expand.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: Few children are born to the Dwarves, but they are grim warriors and skilled in the building of siege equipment. They lack any form of mounted force, and so must rely heavily upon Hirelings and mercenaries.