The Kingdom of Rohan


CULTURE (SUBCULTURE): Northmen (Rohirrim)


Despite the passage of time and the intrigues of the Shadow Cult, the Kingdom of Rohan remains a steadfast ally to the Reunited Kingdom. The Rohirrim hold the lands north of Gondor, with the restless Dunlendings neighbouring them on their western borders. To the north, beyond the strange wood of Fangorn, lies the forest of Lorien and the Elves, with whom the Rohirrim have had few dealings. And new kingdoms have arisen to the east, including the Kingdom of Rhovanion. It remains to be seen what part Rohan will play in the wars to come.
Though far removed from their ancestral homeland near the source of the Anduin, the Eorlingas hold to the culture of the Northmen.

STRENGTHS: Superior and varied cavalry units. Good morale.

WEAKNESSES: Few infantry troops. Cannot build engines of war.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: Rohan's first concern must be with Dunland. Once that Chiefdom is dealt with, Rohan will be in a good position to defend itself and its lands from any future invasions from the Easterlings or other enemies.