The Kingdom of Dorwinion

DIFFICULTY FACTOR: Laughing at Live Dragons

CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Northmen (Men of Dorwinion, Wildmen)


Dorwinion has a long history of wealth brought by its famed wines. It also has historical ties to the men of Gondor, who may have been responsible for establishing the pleasant and fertile region near the Sea of Rhûn. But the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor faces troubles of its own, and with the rise of Easterling activity Dorwinion must to see to its own rule and defences or fall under the Easterling tide – a fate that may yet befall them. Dorwinion is a small kingdom with no true allies, and its infantry-focused armies must be strong indeed to weather the storm that approaches.
Dorwinion's identity and troop make-up is similar in many ways to that of Rhovanion, but with some memory of its ancient relationship with Gondor in its powerful swordsmen. It also has access to spear troops that emerged from the old watchmen companies that used to guard the vineyards and gardens of Dorwinion. The Men of Dorwinon are Northmen.

STRENGTHS: Fertile, rich lands especially in the trade of wine.

WEAKNESSES: Small in number. Unable to build engines of war.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: The Kingdom of Dorwinion is vulnerable to Easterling attack both north and south of the Sea of Rhûn, and it may find itself in competition with the Easterlings as well as with Dale and the Kingdom of Rhovanion as it seeks to strengthen and expand its borders.