The Kingdom of Dale

DIFFICULTY FACTOR: Decidedly Tookish

CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Northmen (Bardings, Wildmen, Woodmen)

CHIEF CITIES: City of Dale

Since the beginning of the Fourth Age, and under the overlordship of the Reunited Kingdom, the City-kingdom of Dale flourished in trade and grew extensively in population. Now renamed the Kingdom of Dale, it stands independent of the Reunited Kingdom's protection and has expanded its settlements. Peace and the Bardings' ability to adapt has made Dale prosperous, as has their continuing bond with the Dwarven Folk. In the southern wilds, however, recent events have seen the rise of the small but fierce Kingdom of Rhovanion. And in the east, Dorwinion has established independence and control over its own rich land. Neverthless, Dale remains more united than many other Mannish kingdoms.
Militarily the Men of Dale were not idle under the King's Peace. Learning from other cultures, yet still loyal to their own rich tradition, they have forged a homeguard of which to be proud. The Bardings are one of the most innovative folk in Middle-earth and, if they survive the first onslaught of war, are sure to adapt perhaps better than any other people in their changing world. The people of the Kingdom of Dale are Northmen in culture.

STRENGTHS: Good bowmen. Access to good armour. Strong trade. Can expand and adapt more effectively than other Mannish factions. Able to build ballista units.

WEAKNESSES: Weak outlying regions at game start.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: The Kingdom of Dale's main threat will come from the Men of Rhûn to the east. The Kingdom of Adûnabâr may also prove a problem if the Reunited Kingdom does not keep it in check to the south. Although the City of Dale is strong, many of the Kingdom's outlying regions will be weak at first and will need to be protected in order to preserve trade routes. The Kingdom of Dale will have to rely upon trade to finance its defences as well as its military build up and technological developments as it starts with a less numerous army than most other Mannish factions.