The Kingdom of Adûnabâr

DIFFICULTY FACTOR: Decidedly Tookish

CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Dúnedanic (none)

CHIEF CITIES: Lond Nurnen, Emyn Arnen, Lastbridge

The Kingdom of Adûnabâr is ruled by a scion of the same blood as the King of the Reunited Kingdom. It bears the Star of Eärendil on its banners, looking back to the glory that once was and that – they believe – has been lost. Among the people and leaders of Adûnabâr there are followers of a dark faction known as the Shadow Cult. This movement may grow if temples to this Cult are built, and access to darker forces made available…or it may diminish if the ways of the Dúnedain are preserved. The people of the Kingdom of Adûnabâr have a strong Dúnedanic heritage but the presence of the Shadow Cult has drawn many from the ways of its noble past.

STRENGTHS: Like the Reunited Kingdom, Adûnabâr has a strong and well-equipped military and though a little less in morale and variety than the Reunited Kingdom, it does have an option to switch over to troops of the Shadow Cult. Many of these are powerful, though they may lack some morale. The Cult may also breed Uruks, Trolls and Wargs. Adûnabâr can build engines of war.

WEAKNESSES: Lack of cavalry troops.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: The player will have to choose which way he wishes to take the Kingdom – toward a reborn, glorious Dúnedanic realm, or into the darkness of the Shadow Cult. When Adûnabâr is not controlled by the player, it follows the Cult.