GEOGRAPHY: Khand is a large region, stretching from the green northern borders east of Mordor and south of the lands of the Easterlings to the drylands of the south. Fertility is generally low and the landscape quite featureless.

HISTORY: Khand has grown more independent since the Fall of Sauron, and even the Easterlings do not hold sway over the Variags as once they did.

INHABITANTS: The Variags of Khand are a semi-nomadic, barbaric people, barely loyal to their allies of Rhûn let alone any other peoples. Though they may clash with the Haradrim to the south and west, their stronger hatred is given to the Men of the West. They follow the ways of Darkness.


SETTLEMENTS: Mûldîn, Acharn, Naur-imloth, Alag Rochbin, Alagos, and Lhûg.

FORTS: None.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Mûldîn ("pass of slaves"), Acharn ("vengeance"), Naur-imloth ("fire-flower valley"), Alag Rochbin ("rushing horse rider"), Alagos ("storm of wind"), and Lhûg ("dragon") have all been added for gameplay purposes and do not appear in the writings of Tolkien.