Hobbit Lands

GEOGRAPHY: Lying between the Tower Hills on the west and the Old Forest in the east, the Shire is a rich and fertile land, filled with pleasant green fields, farms, woods, streams, and downs. Although comprised of further divisions, the main parts of these Hobbit Lands are the Westmarch to the west, Buckland to the east, and the Shire proper between the two.

HISTORY: The Hobbit Lands are old and have stood in this part of Middle-earth for the lives of many Men. During the early Fourth Age, the West March was added to the Shire, as was Buckland.

INHABITANTS: The Hobbits are loyal to their own people of the Shire and in alignment adherents to the Ways of the West. The Hobbit population of a province in this region may disappear permanently and be replaced by Men if its settlement is long held by another race.

FEATURES: Here stands many a well-loved sight by Hobbits, but perhaps the most renowned feature today is the Shire's very own Mallorn Tree, the only one west of the Misty Mountains.

SETTLEMENTS: Michel Delving, Undertowers, and Bucklebury.

FORTS: None.