GEOGRAPHY: The region of Harondor has been contested between the Dúnedain and Haradrim for many centuries. It is a fairly fertile land with good access to ports, though dry in some areas.

HISTORY: Under the influence of the Reunited Kingdom in the early years of the Fourth Age, it fell back into the Empire's hands after the Fall of Umbar. However, the Empire was not strong enough to keep a firm hold on it and this led to the region declaring itself a self-governing principality.

INHABITANTS: Harondor is chiefly occupied by Haradrim, but their historical familiarity with the Reunited Kingdom makes them more susceptible than other parts of Harad to supporting it should their lands fall under its sway. They are nevertheless a people who favour the Haradrian culture and their allegiance is to the Principality of Harondor. In alignment they are Men of Darkness.

FEATURES: The Harad Road runs south through this region, from Gondor to Harad. Where this road meets the Poros the barrowed tomb of Folcred and Fastred lies.

SETTLEMENTS: Harmên, Lond-nu-elenath, Harn Gond, Râd Harnen, and Haradlond.

FORTS: None.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Harmên ("south way"), Lond-nu-elenath ("haven under the starry host"), Harn Gond ("southern rock"), Râd Harnen ("southern track"), Haradlond ("south haven"), and Harfalas ("south shore") have all been added for gameplay purposes and do not appear in the writings of Tolkien.