GEOGRAPHY: The region of Gondor comprises the lands of the southern kingdom of the Reunited Kingdom. It is bounded in the north by the White Mountains, with the exception of Anórien, Dagorlad, and Emyn Muil in the northeast, and by Old Púkel-land on the northwest. To the south and west it is bounded by the Sea, and to the east by the Mountains of Shadow on Mordor's westernmost border. The lands are very fertile in most places, and, over the Great River to the east, fair Ithilien boasts the finest gardens in the region.

HISTORY: The Reunited Kingdom has long held Gondor, and though it later reclaimed Arnor, Gondor remained the centre of its population. Recent times have seen the rise of the Shadow Cult in the east of the region, and the loss of Ithilien to the new kingdom of Adûnabâr in Mordor. Elves of the Woodland Realm came to Ithilien in the early days of the Fourth Age and grew gardens there of marvellous wonder. It was from Ithilien then many of the Elvellyn originally came.

INHABITANTS: Gondorians are Men of the West and their loyalty runs to the Reunited Kingdom. However, there is a heavy influence of the Shadow Cult in the lands of Ithilien.

FEATURES: This is a region replete with renowned wonders and features. In the upper reaches of Morthond Vale sits the Stone of Erech, still feared by corsairs to this day. In Belfalas's bay stands the Tower of Dol Amroth and a little north of it the old Elven haven of Edhellond. The ruins of Osgiliath sit east of Minas Anor and, to the south of Ithilien, the barrows of Folcred and Fastred of Rohan. To the north, beyond the White Mountains, are strung the beacon-tower hills, and the imposing Argonath, the Pillars of the Kings, rise in the North March of Gondor, forbidding any enemy to enter. To the south, in Ithilien, Emyn Arnen sits fair upon the hills of the same name, and here are also to be found the Elven gardens planted by Legolas and his kin. And by no means least rises the City of Minas Anor from the Pelennor where grows the White Tree itself.

SETTLEMENTS: Lathron, Ost-in-Agarlad, Calenhad, Minas Anor, Emyn Arnen, Minas Ithil, Arnach, Pelargir, Linhir, Tarnost, Ethring, Calembel, Mornan, Dol Amroth, Harlorn, Anfalas, and Pinnath Gelin.

FORTS: Fortress of Cair Andros, Annûfalas Keep, Rómefalas Keep, and Thoronburg Keep.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Lathron ("hearer, eavesdropper"), Ost-in-Agarlad ("city of the glorious plain"), and Harlorn ("south haven") have been added for the purpose of gameplay and do not exist in the writings of Tolkien. Calenhad is an added settlement named after one of the beacons of Gondor; Emyn Arnen is named after the hills upon which it sits; Arnach is named after the older name of Lossarnach; Ethring is named after the crossings in that location; Mornan is named after the valley where it lies; Anfalas is named after the name of that area; Pinnath Gelin is named after the hills that make up much of that land. The keeps of Thoronburg ("fortress of the eagles"), Rómefalas ("east shore"), and Annûfalas ("west shore") have also been added for gameplay purposes and make no appearance in the writings of Tolkien.