GEOGRAPHY: The region of Forodwaith consists of all the lands in the uttermost north of Middle-earth. These are cold, barren lands where the ground is perpetually covered in snow or frost and even birds and beasts are scarce.

HISTORY: There is little to say of the history of this bleak region of Middle-earth, save it is a place from whence dragons and other creatures came to disturb the peace of Dwarves and Men.

INHABITANTS: Few dwell here save the secretive Lossoth. Where their loyalty lies, who can say?


SETTLEMENTS: Rond Lossoth.

FORTS: None.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Rond Lossoth ("cave or chamber of the snow-people") has been added for the purpose of gameplay and does not exist in the writings of Tolkien. The land of the Northern Waste is not accessible.