The Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor

DIFFICULTY FACTOR: Decidedly Tookish

CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Dúnedanic (none)

CHIEF CITIES: Minas Anor, Annúminas, Dol Amroth

The Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor was reforged by King Elessar, or Aragorn II, in TA 3019. Its capital in the North is Annúminas, and in the South, Minas Anor (formerly Minas Tirith). At the beginning of the Fourth Age the Reunited Kingdom included all the lands of Gondor and Arnor. King Elessar was also overlord of the City-kingdom of Dale. After the death of Eldarion, Aragorn II's son, the Reunited Kingdom began to weaken as a political entity and friendly rivals such as Dale began to expand. Today, over three-and-a-half centuries into the Fourth Age, the House of Telcontar is split, with the lands of Mordor and eastern Arnor lost to the self-proclaimed Kingdom of Adûnabâr. The Reunited Kingdom's Fleet is weak from naval engagements with Corsair ships, and Gondor's southern borders are threatened by the Haradrim. The people of the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor hold true to their Dúnedanic culture.

STRENGTHS: The Reunited Kingdom's strength lies in the high morale of its disciplined and well-equipped army. It can also build engines of war and has very strong bowmen and infantry.

WEAKNESSES: The Reunited Kingdom has a low population growth compared to other Mannish factions. It also has little experience in the use of cavalry in battle, and tends to rely on its infantry.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: Gondor will be threatened both from Adûnabâr and the Haradrim (by coast and land in the case of the latter). Nevertheless, maintaining a solid core group of cities (including Minas Anor) and acting defensively with relatively small armies should enable the Reunited Kingdom's superior infantry to win the day. The Kingdom of Adûnabâr will prove more stubborn than other enemies, and will come against the Reunited Kingdom in both Gondor and Arnor. Overcoming these traitorous Dúnedain, awash with the influence of the Shadow Cult, will not be easy but is imperative for the Reunited Kingdom and, indeed, for all Middle-earth.