GEOGRAPHY: The region of Enedwaith, sometimes spelt Enedhwaith, is a large region bounded on the west by the Greyflood, the north by the Glanduin, the east by the Misty Mountains, and the south by the Isen. Dunland, a place of many hills and vales, sits in the southeast corner of this region. It is said foul things still inhabit the the dark secret places of the mountains. Although the terrain is hilly, rocky in places near the foothills, and scattered with forests, the overall fertility is quite good.

HISTORY: During the Fourth Age the area of Enedwaith has undergone quite some change. The Dunlendings initially retreated into their own lands whilst the Rohirrim settled Enedwaith up to and beyond the Greyflood. With the re-establishment of Arnor, much trade came through Enedwaith and, with it, settlers of the Reunited Kingdom. Even some of the less-hardened Dunlendings moved northward and settled parts of northern Enedwaith. When the Reunited Kingdom moved its troops south after the Fall of Umbar to Harad, the Dunlendings came out of their homelands and seized that which they had always coveted since the downfall of Saruman and the breaking of Isengard - the rich lands of Nan Curunír holding the Treegarth of Orthanc. Before the Kingdom or Rohan could act, they had seized the Outpost of Dol Baran guarding the valley. To the north, Tharbad has formed itself into a trade-based City-kingdom - a mix of people descended from Dúnedain, Dunlending, and Rohirrim colonists. Seeking to preserve trade with everyone, they have sought to maintain a neutral stance in the growing conflict in the area.

INHABITANTS: Enedwaith's indigenous population are mainly strong proponents of the Chiefdom of Dunland and thus the Ways of Darkness, though the southerly parts of the fledgling City-kingdom of Tharbad encroach into the north of Enedwaith along the borders of the Greyflood and these generally follow the Ways of the West. In the western reaches of the region, the fisher-folk live out their lives along the coasts; they keep to themselves, though are usually considered wild and barbaric by other folk.

FEATURES: In Nan Curunír stands the Treegarth of Orthanc, with its impenetrable black pinnacle a great contrast to the pleasant, fertile gardens that surround it and that give great blessings to the owner thereof.

SETTLEMENTS: Dunfada, Dunhold, Dunchrioch, Anghal, Limfalas, Greyholm, and Lond Daer.

FORTS: Outpost of Dol Baran, Misty Mountains Hold, and Southguard.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Dunfada ("far fort"), Dunhold ("fort hold"), Dunchrioch ("fort territory or boundary"), Anghal (thought to possibly be "market-place town" in Dunlendish), Limfalas ("fish shore"), Greyholm ("grey island"), and Misty Mountains Hold have all been added for gameplay purposes and do not appear in the writings of Tolkien; the Outpost of Dol Baran is named after the hill of Dol Baran in the same location, and Southguard represents the old keep that guarded the south of Tharbad in time past.