The Empire of Harad

DIFFICULTY FACTOR: Decidedly Tookish

CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Haradrian (cityfolk, plainsfolk, desertfolk)

CHIEF CITIES: Umbar City, Caranbad

Harad comprises all the lands of both Near and Far Harad on the map, including the lands of Umbar. To the north, sandwiched between Harad and Gondor, are the lands of the Principality of Harondor where dwell their estranged kindred. To the northeast lie potential allies in Khand and, beyond that chiefdom, Rhûn. The Principality of Far Harad, recently arisen in rebellion from the Empire, lies in the desert wastes to the southeast. The Haradrim can be roughly divided into three groups: the city-dwellers of Umbar, the plainsfolk of the great plains and the desertfolk of the south. They all follow the ways of the Haradrian culture, though they are also susceptible to the influence and control of the Shadow Cult.

STRENGTHS: Large population and high growth rate. Strong trade. Powerful ships. Can recruit Mûmakil.

WEAKNESSES: Poor armour. Poor morale among most units.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: The Haradrim are numerous but their troops significantly inferior to those of the Reunited Kingdom. The Empire should try to seize as many settlements, and fight as many battles, as they can as the game starts, otherwise the large armies they begin with will eat up their treasury. Taking hold of coastal areas will secure sea trade, and building markets and caravan routes will supplement them. Of course, the recently independent principalities of Harondor and Far Harad may prove amenable to imperial rule – if they can be conquered.