Elven Realm

DIFFICULTY FACTOR: Laughing at Live Dragons

CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Elven (Eldar, Galadhrim, Nandor, Elvellyn)

CHIEF CITIES: Elvenking's Halls, Caras Galadhon, Mithlond

Galadriel, Elrond, Legolas, and many of their kindred have long since sailed from the shores of Middle-earth. Yet still a few of the Fair Folk tarry in Lindon's lush lands and yet more in the deep forest of Mirkwood now renamed Eryn Lasgalen, the Wood of Green Leaves. Lórien, though all but abandoned, still shelters Elven folk under its towering Mallorn-trees, though many of its former inhabitants - at least those who have not departed Middle-earth - now reside in East Lórien upon Amon Lanc.
However, Rivendell - essentially abandoned after the departure of Elrond and his high kin - has recently been claimed as an outpost of the Kingdom of Adûnabâr. Only time will tell if this bold move will result in the Elves once again becoming involved in the affairs of Men…
When peace at last had come to Middle-earth in the early days after the Fall of Sauron, Elves and Men freely lived together in certain places – in Ithilien the Fair, where Legolas and his kindred planted pleasant gardens; in the borders of Eryn Lasgalen; even in Lindon. In time there rose up among these friends of the Elves those who felt Middle-earth would be better served if the wisdom of the immortal Elves held sway. These people became known as the Elvellyn, the Elf Friends, and in time they entirely separated from their own people and settled in those areas bordering the Elven lands. Should the Elves lay claim to any regions outside their own Elven lands, they will find these Elf Friends willing to support them. The Elves and Elvellyn follow the ways of the Elven culture.

STRENGTHS: Unmatched archers. Highly skilled troops. Excellent morale. Supported by Elvellyn allies. Bonus fighting in woodland. Fleet of foot upon the battlefield. Access to some High Elven units with good armour. Do not suffer from revolts and can survive loss of all family members.

WEAKNESSES: Low starting population and population growth. Population can decrease as Elves leave Middle-earth for the Undying Lands. Low starting number of Elven troops. Unable to recruit Elves outside of homelands. Unable to build heavy engines of war. Few cavalry units. Difficult to expand.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: The Elves are few in relation to other factions, even fewer than the Dwarves, and their lands are sundered from one another by the realms of Men – not all of them friendly. However, they are the finest archers and warriors in all Middle-earth, and it is this advantage that they must use in order to successfully guard their own lands and achieve their objectives. The Elvellyn, though not strong in and of themselves, will be critical in helping the Elves expand.