Dwarven Lands

GEOGRAPHY: The mountainous Dwarven lands can be found scattered across Middle-earth. The Blue Mountains, Moria, Erebor, the Iron Hills, and Ered Rhûn are the places of their dolven cities.

HISTORY: In the Fourth Age Khazad-dûm was reclaimed by the Dwarves and so were the Grey Mountains, though the latter were later retaken by Orcs. Aglarond too saw a colony of Dwarves for a time, but those Glittering Caves were abandoned as the Dwarves, like the Elves, grew fewer and withdrew to their ancestral halls.

INHABITANTS: The Dwarves are utterly loyal to their Kingdom and fellow Dwarves. Adherents to the Ways of the West, they cannot abide the ways of evil Men, and are exceedingly slow to adopt any foreign cultural influence. The Dwarven population of a province in this region may disappear permanently and be replaced by Men if its settlement is long held by another race.

FEATURES: In the Dimrill Dale, near Moria, stands Durin's Stone.

SETTLEMENTS: Dwarrowdelf, Gabilgathol, Hollowbold, Baraz-dûm, Erebor, Gunduthorin, Orodengrin, and Narag-zigil.

FORTS: None.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Gabilgathol and Hollowbold are named after ancient names of Dwarven holds. Baraz-dûm ("red halls"), Gunduthorin ("dolven halls of Thorin"), Orodengrin ("mount iron"), and Narag-zigil ("black silver") have been added for gameplay purposes and make no appearance in the writings of Tolkien.