Drúwaith Iaur

GEOGRAPHY: The region of Drúwaith Iaur comprises the land to the west of Gondor. Bounded on the west and south by the Sea, and on the north and east by the rivers Isen and Lefnui, it encompasses the western spur of the Ered Nimrais down to Ras Morthil in Andrast. The lands are of low fertility, especially near the coast.

HISTORY: This once-heavily-forested region now lies quite bare, its population decimated by the floods that swept the land after the Fell Winter during the Third Age.

INHABITANTS: The descendants of the original occupants of this region, the Drúedain, are now few, dwelling in small, scattered villages in the hills about the mountains. Their allegiance is to themselves, though they are no friends of wild, barbaric Men of Darkness or of the Cult. To the north, near the Isen, dwell those of mixed blood, being of Dunlending-Gondor stock.

FEATURES: An old watchtower, built by the Men of Gondor, sits on the tip of the Cape of Andrast.

SETTLEMENTS: Caew-en-Drúin and Erindôl.

FORTS: None.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Caew-en-Drúin ("lair of the Wild Men") and Erindôl ("lone head") have been added for the purpose of gameplay and do not exist in the writings of Tolkien.