GEOGRAPHY: Dale's heartland lies between the eaves of the Woodland Realm in the west and the banks of the Redwater in the east. The region varies in fertility but is generally good, especially around Dale itself, though much marshland lies upon its western borders.

HISTORY: Over five hundred years ago the City-kingdom of Dale and its environs were turned to wasteland by the dragon Smaug. Its people fled to Lake-town (Esgarorth) and lived there for almost two hundred years before Bard the Bowman, a descendant of the last king of Dale, slew Smaug. Dale and Esgaroth were rebuilt, and Bard became Dale's king. Since that time Dale has flourished and expanded its rule.

INHABITANTS: The Bardings are of good Northmen stock and follow the Ways of the West.

FEATURES: Upon the Long Lake stands the old town of Esgaroth, still in use for purposes of river trade, but most of the people now live in the new settlement built upon the grassy shores of the huge lake.

SETTLEMENTS: Dale, Esgaroth, Heorth, Eodor, and Burne.

FORTS: Fort of Carnen.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Burne ("stream"), Heorth ("hearth"), Eodor ("enclosure"), and the Fort and Crossings of Carnen have been added for the purpose of gameplay. They do not appear in the works of Tolkien. Further, though Esgaroth was rebuilt it still remained a lake-town; therefore the idea of a new town of Esgaroth being built upon the shores of the Long Lake, along with the former town being called Old Esgaroth (as on our map), are additions for gameplay purposes and not Middle-earth lore.