The Developers

Aradan – Lead Developer (design, coding, ancs & traits, tech trees, balance, lore, build)

Webba84 - Modeller (Elven units, battlemap settlements & plans) and lead developer in 2015.

CountMRVHS - Writer (text), chief beta tester

Éorl – Battlemap Manager (battlemap environments, custom tiles, unit texture and model improvements), original 2D artist (2D image creation and enhancement)

MasterOfNone - Consultant & Support (former Lead Developer, lore, PR, text proofing, design, coding, 2D imagery/unit voices/balance support, website creator)


Cedric37 – 2D graphic artist (interface graphics, menu, signature bars, installer icons)

Joar - 2D artist (event images, Dwarven portraits, Elven and other building images)

Wundai - Modeller (model tweaks & modelling support)

Squeaks - Modeller (unit model tweaks & general modelling support)

Lü Bu - Modeller (some model tweaks)

IVIarkI2I - Modeller (some model tweaks)

Scharb - Matte artist (see Jan Sarbort below)

Jarlaxe - Modeller (settlement plans, battlemap buildings)

Revelo - Dwarven unit voices

Gonras - Elven, Dúnedanic and Northmannish unit voices

Halie Satanus - Modeller (unit tweaks, strat map modelling)

Bercor - graphic artist (unit cards, GUI enhancements)

Feanaro Curufinwe - PR (Moddb moderator)

Contributors (modders)

Roma Surrectum team - skydomes (tweaked by Éorl)

Seth krn3ll - Modeller (lotr:tw battlemap buildings)

Contributors (matte painters)

Sarel Theron - "Misty Mountains", "Rivendell", and "Moria" matte paintings (loading screens),

Igor Staritsin - "Rivendell" matte painting (loading screen),

Jan Sarbort - "Tower of Cirith Ungol" matte painting (loading screen), also the commissioned "City of Umbar" matte painting made for the Fourth Age: Total War - The Dominion of Men

Kyle Wolf - "Sunset on the Shire" matte painting (loading screen)

Gordon Tarpley - Dunharrow matte painting (loading screen)

Jeff Quick - Rivendell matte painting (loading screen)

Jama Jurabaev - Dimrill Lake matte painting (loading screens),

? - Anduin the Great matte painting (loading screen)

Contributors (music)

David Arkenstone - various pieces from his album "Music Inspired by Middle Earth"

Simon Daum - "The Return of the King",

Justin R. Durban - "Fort Of Flight", "Rise And Fall Of Middle Earth", "Fear Upon The Captain Of The Knights Unearthed", Edgen Animations at

Kevin MacLeod -

Matti Paalanen - Celestial Aeon,

Matias Puumala - "Return to the Origin", "Moonlit Forest", "Centaur Force", "Holding the Line", "Winter of the Dead", "The Last Escape", "Across the Dark Blue Ocean", "Over the Hills", "Memories ~ Dreaming of Her", "The Wind is Calling", "Anxiety",

Tapani Siirtola - "Sullie", "Rough Justice", "Lost Contact", "Metsänneito",

Andrew Skrabutenas, Adam Langston, Chris Bouchard - "The Hunt for Gollum" OST,

Tobias Bublat, Adam Langston, Jacob Shelby, Kevin Webster, Rob Westwood, David Finnamore, Jonathan Glew, Kate Madison - "Born of Hope" OST,

The Tolkien Ensemble, "A Elbereth Gilthoniel",

Brandon Fiechter, Dwarven Mines,

BrunuhVille - "Age of Gods", "The Imperial City", "King of the North", "River of Tears", "The Wolf and the Moon", "Ascension", "Dance with Dragons",

Voice Actors

Gonras - Elven, Dúnedain and Northmannish voices
Revelo - Dwarven Voices
Joar - Northmannish voices
Shiefo - Rohan voices
Freddie "Gasoline" - Harad and Rhûn voices
Daniel Rodrigues - Dunland voices (
Pebblo/Ollanter - Orkish & other non-Mannish voices


Wambat, Aikanar, CountMRVHS, WifeoftheCount, Richard the Impaler, Beorn, Revelo, Snugglebunnies, Jagmodo, Heidi, CapnDan, LordofUmbar, ExtremeBG, Athenogoras, Elphir of Dol Amorth, fmac81, acci dent, Feanaro Curufwine, Ar-Another, Serech, Stark1, athanaric

All works used with permission from their respective authors, creators or composers.