The City-kingdom of Tharbad


CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Dúnedanic (none)


During the early years of the Fourth Age, settlers from Gondor, Dunland and Rohan moved into the lands about the Greyflood to build farms and trade along the river. Removed from their own kindred, they intermarried and built boats capable of sea travel. They rebuilt the old city of Tharbad and forged a great trading centre there. Later, in an attempt to remain neutral and thus perpetuate their trade, they declared their city self-governing under a Merchant King. Thus was founded the City-kingdom of Tharbad.
The City-kingdom benefits from a core of units inherited from the Reunited Kingdom's garrisons that once guarded the land, whilst having some units that more closely resemble Dunlending troops, and even Rohirrim! The Men of Tharbad follow the culture of the Dúnedain.

STRENGTHS: Good mix of units. Strong trade by way of river and the Sea. Able to build engines of war.

WEAKNESSES: Very small starting population and garrisons.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: The City-kingdom of Tharbad possesses a defensible network of cities and fortifications that must be used to their full potential to stop the inevitable assaults from Dunlendings and others. Taking the weaker western regions first might be a sound policy to pursue.