The Chiefdom of Rhûn


CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Barbarian (Easterlings)


Although pushed back and pacified in the early years of the Fourth Age, the Men of Rhûn have not been so quiet in more recent years. They invaded deep into the west, as far as Parth Celebrant, before being steadily pushed back by various battles with the Reunited Kingdom, Rohan, and local revolts. Some of these revolts were disastrous, resulting in the emergence of an independent Kingdom of Rhovanion and the Chiefdom of North Rhûn.
Today the Chiefdom of Rhûn controls many of the eastern lands on the map, and with avarice looks upon the lands of Dale and Gondor to the west. Being capable of amassing hordes, and with numbers only exceeded by the Haradrim, they are a faction to be wary of in the inevitable battles in which they will engage. The Chiefdom of Rhûn follows the Barbarian culture, but they are also susceptible to the influence and control of the Shadow Cult.

STRENGTHS: Large population and good population growth. Good mix of strong troops including war wains. Adept at forming hordes if their final settlement is lost.

WEAKNESSES: Unable to develop cities as much as Mannish factions of other cultures. Unable to build engines of war.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: The Easterlings will struggle with their economy and growth unless they conquer, populate and build quickly at the beginning of the game.