Chiefdom of North Rhun

DIFFICULTY FACTOR: Laughing at Live Dragons

CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Barbarian (Easterlings)


The East is home to many peoples, and though the Chiefdom of Rhûn may be the strongest, they are not alone. In the search for new lands and self-rule, some tribes moved north to form the Chiefdom of North Rhûn. Their lands are poor and the winters harsh, but these rugged folk are resilient and determined to expand their holdings, especially toward the richer western lands of Dale. To the south, however, their strong Easterling neighbours may not look fondly upon their success…The Chiefdom of North Rhûn shares many similarities with the Chiefdom of Rhûn to the south, and follows the same Barbarian culture.

STRENGTHS: Strong infantry, especially axemen.

WEAKNESSES: Poor homelands. Few cavalry.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: The Chiefdom of North Rhûn boasts hardy warriors that can aid its expansion, especially the Great Axes of Rhûn, but its options for such expansion are limited. West lie the lands of Dale, Dorwinion, and Rhovanion; south is the Chiefdom of Rhûn, not yet an enemy but a rival nonetheless. New, richer lands must be gained quickly in order to compete with potentially stronger neighbours.