The Chiefdom of Dunland

DIFFICULTY FACTOR: Laughing at Live Dragons

CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Barbarian (Dunlendings)

CHIEF CITIES: Dunhold, Dunfreca

The Dunlendings now hold the greater part of Enedwaith in their possession. When the Reunited Kingdom and Rohan were stronger, the Dunlendings dwelt only within the southeast corner of that region. As the troops of the Reunited Kingdom went south to defend Gondor's southern fiefs against the Empire of Harad, Dunland took the opportunity to seize the garrison outpost at Dol Baran. Thus the Treegarth of Orthanc and its rich lands fell into their hands. The Dunlendings follow the ways of their Barbarian culture with some pride, but they are also susceptible to the influence and control of the Shadow Cult.

STRENGTHS: Good pikemen. Able to recruit some Orcs. Good mix of units. Skilled skirmishers. Bonus in wilderness terrain.

WEAKNESSES: Poor morale. Unable to develop cities as much as Mannish factions of other cultures. Unable to build engines of war.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: Rohan will be Dunland's first concern, but the passages from Rohan into Dunland are limited and can be defended. Plenty of Pikemen backed up with Orc hordes and other Dunlending troops should work well. Keeping a hold on the Treegarth of Orthanc will prove very beneficial.