Central Eriador

GEOGRAPHY: The region of Central Eriador includes the more pleasant and populated lands of this often sparsely-populated and rugged area of Middle-earth. It generally encompasses the lands to the west and centre of Eriador, including the Shire, Bree-land, parts of Cardolan and Arthedain, and of course Evendim, where sits the capital of Arnor. Although the Shire is fertile, other lands are less so.

HISTORY: Arnor was recovered as a part of the Reunited Kingdom near the beginning of the Fourth Age. Alas, as in Gondor, the Shadow Cult and the forces of Adûnabâr also sprang up here in later centuries.

INHABITANTS: The alignment of the indigenous people of Eriador is generally toward the Ways of the West but the presence of the Kingdom of Adûnabâr means the Cult may cast its shadow over these lands.

Establishing the lands of the Shire as part of the Central Eriador region reflects the ruler settling Men in the province, displacing the Shire-folk. This one-way process brings population growth, and changes recruitment options.

FEATURES: Many features dot the landscape of Central Eriador. The great cities of Annúminas and Fornost stand in the north. In the Shire grows the Mallorn gifted to them by Galadriel, and between the Shire and the land of Bree grows the ancient Old Forest. On the Barrow-downs lie the barrows of ancient warriors, and some say the barrow wights still dwell there. And, overlooking the Great East Road which runs through Eriador, rests the watchtower known as Weathertop in the Westron tongue.

SETTLEMENTS: Michel Delving, Bucklebury, Undertowers, Annúminas, Bree, Fornost, Sarnford, Rîdhmallen, and Threeways.

FORTS: Watchtower of Amon Sûl.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Rîdhmallen ("golden-sown field") and Threeways have been added for the purpose of gameplay and do not exist in the writings of Tolkien.