Beorning Chiefdom


CULTURE (SUBCULTURES): Northmen (Beornings, Woodmen)


The Beornings, and their Woodmen allies, have long retained their quiet way of life in the vales of the Anduin and the eaves of the Greenwood. Not unfriendly with Dale and the neighbouring realms of Men, they are nevertheless little inclined to come to their aid, preferring instead to work their rough fields and maintain safe paths through the wilderness. War may come to them, however, even in their own straitened lands – for Orcs ever roam the mountains to the west and north, and the rise of the Kingdom of Adûnabâr in the west and south may mean dark days are ahead.
Though not great in number, the Beornings are a hardy and physically strong people, proud of their Northmen heritage.

STRENGTHS: Large, strong Beorning warriors with good morale.

WEAKNESSES: Few troop types. Unable to build engines of war.

GAMEPLAY TIPS: With the mountains to their west, and with the Elves unlikely to expand, the Beorning Chiefdom has a number of options available: it can seek to conquer Barding lands or the lands of Rohan or Rhovanion, or it can take on the Orkish holds in the mountains. It would be foolish to come to blows with Dwarves or Elves until much later in the campaign, when the Chiefdom has built up great strength and numbers.